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Research Articles
Click on any link to download a PDF file that you can read on screen or print.

Australian Society Risks -graph (PDF- 211k)
Relative Risk - Boeing (PDF- 96k)
Relative Risks (PDF- 113k)
Leape relative risks (PDF- 102k)

Evidence-Base to Support Food Supplement Health Claims.
Click here to download the complete PDF document (2,236k) or use one of the links below to download specific information in smaller file sizes.
PDF #1 (325k)
1. Acne
2. Allergies
3. Alzheimers disease
4. Anemia Thrombocytopenia Leukopenia
PDF #2 (489k)
5. Anxiety And Stress
6. Arrhythmia (Cardiac)
7. Atherosclerosis
8. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
PDF #3 (389k)
9. Bacterial Infections
10. Breast Cancer
11. Cholesterol Reduction
PDF #4 (357k)
12. Constipation
13. Depression
14. Diabetes
PDF #5 (349k)
15. Epilepsy
16. Glaucoma
17. Hiv And Aids
18. Hypertension
PDF #6 (187k)
19. Influenza Virus (Flu)
20. Migraine
21. Multiple Sclerosis
PDF #7 (294)
22. Osteoporosis
23. Parkinson’s Disease
24. Thyroid Deficiency

JHCI - Joint Health Claims Initiative.

Click here to download the complete PDF document (661k) or use one of the links below to download specific information in smaller file sizes.

PDF #1 (132k)
Executive Summary
Objectives and Aims
Scope of Work
A Process to Define and Identify Well-Established Health Statements

A List of Well-Established Nutrient Function Statements:

  • Adoption of the process developed in Part 1
  • Overview of methodology
  • Detailed methodology
  • Discussion and recommendations
  • General references


  • Table 1a: Well-established nutrient function statements (common to all vitamins and minerals)
  • Table 1b: Well-established nutrient function statements (specific to certain vitamins and minerals
  • Table 2: Rejected nutrient function statements

Annexes: (PDF's 2 & 3)

  • Annex 1: The Joint Health Claims Initiative background information…
  • Annex 2: Evaluation Report of a pilot study
  • Annex 3: Nomenclature of nutrients
  • Annex 4: Index to quotes from source documents
  • Annex 5: Source document reference list

PDF #2 (309k) - Annexes - part 1

PDF #3 (226k) - Annexes - part 2