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Recent Articles - Free PDF Downloads

From June 2010 Healthy Options magazine:

WINTER WELLNESS GUIDE - Pick-me-ups for when the Mercury Drops - Leisa Harford
The icy fingers of Jack Frost may soon be leaving their ornamental designs on many a window pane, but this is no reason to let the advent of winter send a chill down your spine ... we’ve put together a winter wellness guide to ensure you make it through the cooler season with a warm glow in your heart, a healthy smile on your face and a cheery spring in your step ...

8 WAYS TO A HEALTHIER, HAPPIER LIFE - Follow your Intuition - Nicola Kimpton
How often have you had a gut feeling or sudden flash of insight that turned out to be right? Now, research published in the British Journal of Psychology has discovered what we’ve long suspected: these feelings (or intuition) are real and we should take our hunches seriously . . .

From previous healthy Options magazines:

MANA RETREAT - A Multilayered Gift - Karin de la Rey.
The coastal road from Thames to Mana Retreat on the Coromandel Peninsula is a windy, but scenic route. The scenery invites sneaky peeks at the clear blue water of the Hauraki Golf that contrasts deliciously with the roughness of the Pohutukawa tree trunks that frame parts of SH 25. The slowing down at corners happens with expected
repetitiveness, a subtle way to prepare me for my own slowing down process – a ritual of letting go, of embracing a time of relaxation, a time to discover myself yet again.

ALLERGY ALERT! - Don’t Be So Sensitive - Leisa Harford - Remember the ‘old’ days? Gender roles were clearly defined; women kept the kitchen and kids in line, while the men brought home the figurative bacon ... A Sunday roast was the mainstay of most families, with everyone routinely eating what they were served with no complaints or fuss ... However, these days we are bombarded with the complexities of one or more ‘fussy’ eating stipulations from one or more of the family or guests at our dinner table. Sensitivities, intolerances (we are not talking about personality differences here) and allergies, commonly dictate the menus at many a dinner party, cafe, restaurant or day
care centre, with an estimated one in fi ve New Zealanders being affected to some degree. While for many people this causes mild to moderate discomfort from symptoms, for some people the effects are potentially life-threatening.

HYPNOTHERAPY - Tools to Kickstart a Smoke-free Lifestyle - a Success Story - Meredith McCarthy. I was ten, trying to fit in and was starting to become interested in boys. My best friend Clare was about a year older than me. She seemed to have a handle on how to
impress the opposite sex. I remember Clare and I taking my family dog Rosie for numerous walks. Clare would talk about lots of things. I
would look up to her, she seemed to know so much, she taught me what swear words were and all sorts of other things. One day she pulled out a packet of cigarettes and asked me if I would like to try one.

KOMBUCHA - Harbinger and Safety Net - HellaD. Kombucha is a fermented tea created by a mysterious symbiotic colony of yeasts and bacteria. It looks and feels like a rubbery pancake, and fl oats on the top of strong black tea and sugar for seven to ten days. The resulting liquid is similar to fizzy iced tea and is very good for cleaning out toxins, supporting the liver and digestive system.

From June Rainbow News magazine:

Let Your Light Shine - 10 ways to let the real you shine - NICOLE KIMPTON. One of the keys to living a life of joy and fulfi lment is to ‘be ourselves’. Being ourselves means learning to express and be happy with who we really are, rather than who society
expects us to be. Embracing our true selves brings us pleasure and can transform our personal and professional lives in wonderful ways as we open up to our individuality and unique gifts. Yet it can feel daunting if we don’t know where to start.

The Bishop’s Throne – How religion became law - JANICE PRIEST. The concept of governance was born as clergy leaders moved into the political arena. The earliest apostolic period was sanctifi ed as a household church –‘the coming together at home’ (1 Cor 16:19; Col 4:15). The Church evolved from humble beginnings as a household temple, and was based, like many other religions of the time, around the extended family. This helped sustain and manage the preservation of family, property, spiritual beliefs and trade. Within this temple, people addressed themselves as ‘brothers and sisters’; the term father was reserved for God. The man of the house was called master.

From previous Rainbow News magazines:

Ali's Journey - by Gail Nicholls
Dr Ali Ranesh - here is a man who has proven that the potential of the mind knows no boundaries, except those we put up ourselves. As Chief of Psychiatric Dept at Timaru Hospital, Dr Ranesh experienced a car accident, a coma, then talks about his journey back to recovery using the power of the mind.

Journey into the Afterlife - by Amber St Clare. The Egyptologists of the last centuries named the 'negative confessions', being a declaration of innocence of wrong doing. The confessions were the code of ethic and moral behaviour the Egyptians had to live by. It was the gift of the Goddess Maat, the Goddess of Justice, Order, Balance and Harmony.

Mandalas – Doorways to the universe and your infinite self - CHIP RICHARDS : Sanskrit for ‘circle’ or ‘centre’, mandalas have been used for thousands of years by indigenous elders and spiritual traditions, as a way of giving form to their prayers and weaving visions into the fabric of reality.

Playful Pleasures – 10 ways to bring more fun into your life - NICOLA KIMPTON : Studies have long shown that engaging in ‘play’ is beneficial to children. It’s not just fun, it also helps them to learn valuable skills and make sense of the world around them. Yet being playful needn’t, and indeed shouldn’t, be solely the domain of children. All of us can benefi t from incorporating playfulness into our lives. Being playful helps us to relax. It creates positive energy that is uplifting, enhances creativity and helps us to rediscover the magic of life.