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Healthy Options Ltd magazine Healthy Options has joined the digital age, so all printing has currently been suspended, including Rainbownews magazine. You will now find Healthy Options magazine’s articles available on the website

New launch:

Natural Health Information

Website access to natural health articles was launched by Healthy Options Ltd on Website Membership gives you unlimited access to published natural health articles along with a free e-book called ‘Can You Remember What You Take’ by Dr Janice ann Priest. A book that lists natural solutions from A-Z for all types of ailments, mild or diagnosed.

For a one-off membership of $30 the website gives one access to hundreds of articles written by natural health professionals, from 27 years of publishing healthy information, plus weekly article updates from a wide variety of health information, all in an easy access manner to support ones healthier option.

‘If you know your options you have a choice’

You can also find Healthy Options Ltd’s published books and booklets on and

Services such as Hair Analysis and Certificated Health Courses remain available.

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Healthy Options

Don't Miss Dr Janice-Ann Priest's Latest Book...

Ocean of Drugs -
demise of healthy options

Covering the increasing power of big pharma, at the expense of traditional health and our mother earth.


Price is $32 inc postage,
overseas rates apply

Correspondence Courses

Correspondence Courses

Basic certified Natural Healthcare and Nutritional Healthcare Correspondence Courses. These courses will enable the participant to understand the principles of natural and nutritional healthcare and how to apply the knowledge of sound health into daily life. Visit

Enrol and complete the courses at your own pace. No previous qualification is necessary. These fully certificated courses are ideal for those interested in natural healthcare and nutritional healthcare, health industry sales personnel and for the beginner, while still providing information for the more experienced. Both courses are easy to follow. Natural Healthcare and/or Nutritional Healthcare Certificates are issued upon completion. Complies with the 1981 Medicines Act.

Naturopathic Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis

With this naturopathic hair analysis comes a seven page, confidential report identifying common pollutants and toxins, nutrient deficiencies, organ energy, viruses, common parasites and any underlying infections, etc.

Along with identifying these allergens comes a list of naturopathic nutrients and homeopathic solutions. Plus a list of common foods that you may be allergic or sensitive to. Combined with health advice and explanation on how to improve your health. Visit

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